Chris Hanke


What's your full name? Christoph Hanke

How long have you been competing? I have been partaking in sport climbing for about ten years. My first national competition was in 2008; my first international was in 2009.

Where do you call home? Munich (Bavaria).

What do you like best about climbing? My sub-discipline is lead climbing. I like it the most because you have to train very hard and have to learn to deal with all aspects of climbing -- power, mental and speed is crucial to perform as well as you can.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while doing your sport? It was the moment, when I found out that I'm my own biggest rival.

Do you have a claim to fame? I'm known as the "training machine".

Any notable recent results? 3rd in the European youth cup Bulgaria 2011; 16th in the Worldcup Imst 2013; 16th in the Worldcup Kranj 2014.