Helmut Kotter


What's your full name? Helmut Kotter

How long have you been competing? I´ve been climbing about 18 years.

Where do you call home? The center of Bavaria! Rosenheim.

Favorite event or place to practice climbing? The Schleier Waterfall in the Dolomites.

What do you like best about climbing? Climbing hard multi-pitch routes, because they push me past my comfort zone. Sometimes it´s dangerous and I have to put my focus only on the moves. I forget everything else. I can check out and go beyond my physical and mental limits.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while doing your sport? We once ran into a really massive windstorm on a multi-pitch route, and had to bivouac in the wall without drinking and eating for about 20 hours.

Do you have a claim to fame? I want to climb with 85 kg 9a+! (So I can have my daily Clif Bar, Bavarian beer, ice cream, chocolate cake and everything else I need to be relaxed and happy!)

Any notable recent results? Underground 9a, Big Hammer 9a. Multi pitch: Bellavista 8c, Pan Aroma 8c, Sansara 8b+.